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“Working with Hartwood Homes has been an absolutely wonderful experience. Mark has been there with us through the entire process. He listened with genuine interest to what we wanted, complimenting our ideas with creative and innovative ways to capture the essence of our ultimate dream home. Always on the job site or just a phone call away, Mark was available and accessible whenever we needed him. His creative vision combined with his exceptional attention to detail have been instrumental in designing and construction a home which truly reflects our values and lifestyle.”


"It has been a year now since we moved into our house you built for us.  I can't express how happy I am with everything.  One year later and we only had one nail pop, the mitered corners are still tight, the basement is dry.


Although the design of our house was difficult, not a single crack has appeared in our plaster.


I appreciate how easy you were to work with.  I can't tell you how many people I have told that I wouldn't hesitate to build again, the house went so well.  I may just do that.  I'll call you again if I do.


I wish you and Kay the best of luck and continued success"


"I am very pleased with both staircases and also with the garage enclosure...It is such a delight working with people, like yourself, who have an excellent sense of design and pay attentions to details"


"Our thanks and appreciation go to Mark and his crew.  From the framers to the finish carpentry and closets!  We are truly enjoying our new home."


"We would like to thank you for the excellent job you did on our home. We realize it wasn't easy in that we made many changes along the way. It is now the way we want it, and you did a fantastic job coordinating all aspects. We have and will continue to highly recommend you!"


"I have no doubt that Mark Hartzheim is the finest contractor a person could choose. Also, that he is the nicest and easiest. He is honest, diligent, hard worker, creative, problem solver and has good taste. I couldn't be happier with Mark and Hartwood Homes.


Further, when Mark saw something he thought we might not like, he'd bring it up. He anticipates the homeowner's needs and tastes, with a …"you might want to take a look at this"...ahead of time attitude.


I feel like we had the best team ever in building our home. I cannot say enough about Mark's quality, concern, abilities and actually, his personality!"

Modern homes are often plagued by shoddy workmanship and lazy design. Don't settle, call us today.

For a truly exceptional home, call now.




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